Taxes and Spending

Oregon is a state that taxes and spends too much.  As your representative I will work to ensure that hardworking Oregonians keep more of what is theirs.  At the same time, we need to cut reckless spending while protecting priorities like education and foster care.


I will work to ensure schools are fully funded and that education dollars are reaching where they are needed the most – the classroom.  For too long Oregon has fallen near the back of the pack nationally when it comes to graduation rates.  I will work with our local school districts and school boards to ensure policies enacted in Salem don’t hamper efforts to increase the number of Oregon students graduating from high school.  I will also work to implement more technical and vocational classes into our school curriculums.  This will give our students some of the skills they need when they graduate and will give our Oregon businesses a pipeline of homegrown talent to fill the jobs they have available.


As a grandmother and mother, I know how important quality healthcare is for our families and citizens.  I will find ways to increase your access to affordable healthcare.  We also need to tear down the barriers that patients experience when they try to access care.  Burdensome regulations that take the time and resources of providers could be better used providing care to the patient.


We need to tackle the congestion problem on our highways.  I will work with the Oregon Department of Transportation, counties and cities to find out what can be done to alleviate traffic problems.

Affordable Housing

The cost of housing in Oregon is too expensive and is driving many Oregonians, especially our children and grandchildren, out of state.  We need to strip away the regulations that raise the cost of buying or renting homes in Oregon, but we also must ensure that construction is done safely.  As your representative I will work to ensure that we strike a balance between needed safety rules and the cost of construction.


As your state representative I will always stand up for our values.  I believe in the sanctity and dignity of life at all stages.  I will vote pro-life, always.


I believe that the rights and freedoms that we enjoy as Americans and as outlined in the founding documents, were inspired by our Creator.  I believe that when passing legislation, we should always do so within the framework of the Constitutions of the United States and Oregon.  I will always take a stand when our liberty and freedoms are at risk.

If you have any additional concerns or comments, please call me at 503 701 2277 or email