Dorothy's Story

My husband, Hal and I grew up in Star Valley and Jackson Hole Wyoming.  We met and married the summer we graduated from high school and after struggling for a few years, we soon figured out that Hal needed more education in order to support our growing family.  We headed for Utah to go to school with 2 children and another one on the way.  After 5 years going to school part-time and working more than  full time, Hal received an Associate Degree and a job offer from Tektronix.  So, 50 years ago we moved from Utah to Oregon with four little children, the youngest, Jason, being 9 days old.  

Our first home in Oregon was a little 1000 sq. house on an acre on Quatama Rd. in Orenco where we had two more children.   

When our family outgrew the home on Quatama Rd., we built a home on Farmington Rd. in Aloha.  Except for the concrete and brick work, framing and laying the carpet, we did all the work ourselves with help from our older children and friends.  I acted as the general contractor, finished the sheetrock and painted the house inside and out. 

Our first several years in Oregon money were tight but I was blessed to be at home with my children.  We have always been active members of our church and had many opportunities to serve as leaders and teachers, both in the church and the community.

When our youngest child was 12 years old, I started my Real Estate Career and worked for 23 years at Equity Group which later became Remax Equity Group.  During that period of time my father had a stroke so we took care of my parents in our home.

After taking care of my parents in a split-entry home and keeping up an acre without children to help, we decided a one level home was our next stop and so we moved to Hillsboro in the Jackson School Neighborhood.  We have loved living here.  We have been married 59 years.

My qualifications come from real life experiences. I know what it is like to try to make ends meet at the end of the month.  I am not afraid to take on challenges and do hard things.  I am diligent, dependable and loyal to my beliefs. When the call to serve comes, I believe in saying yes. 

I said yes for the opportunity to run for office because I believe it is important that voters have a choice.